After the Road

Realms and Levels


Realms and Levels

Every new series of abstracts is a chance to experiment and explore the materials’ limitations, as well as the final result they can form. In these moments of trial and error the paintings undergo constant reformation.

Sometimes a phenomenally looking dead-end reveals itself to be on the contrary a threshold leading towards new directions.
After the threshold of this creative moment, the process is renewed producing new outlets and options. From this” accident”, arise pictures surrendered to the variance of the material itself.
This profound uncontrollability deeply embedded in the process of creating these pictures and the constant struggle with materials it entails, remain one of the core components of my study and a quintessential requirement in my whole work process.

A constant attempt to escape the comfort zone and embrace the dead ends of the process as creative outlets.

In this series of abstract works the same game of escaping reality continues with images that combine the microcosm and the macrocosm.

These two different levels of the natural world are in the same way thresholds we use in order to define our subjective “intermediate” reality. A reality embedded within the concepts of the infinitely vast as well as the seemingly invisible.

A mysterious in between space with undefined borders, based on rules we can partly understand or perceive.

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