Realms and Levels

Behind the limits of our visual perception exists a whole world of micro organisms that considers us it’s ecosystem. Each human body houses a population of multi cellular organisms equal to the amount of our planets, with primary dwellers the “Akarea” , dust mites that feed from the dead cells of our skin. The Macrocosm of our dim universe on the other hand, slowly reveals it’s eternal secrets with every new generation telescope that is put in orbit year after year. Despite the tremendous technological achievements which characterize our era we still know very little about the cosmic environment in which we swirl daily. We literally float in mystery, based on rules we partly understand or perceive. We live between “ realms “ with undefined borders. The same game of reality continues with images that combine the microcosm with the macrocosm in a state of dream like paroxysm between the concept of vastness and the seemingly invisible.